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Conscious Collection - Amber Valletta prezentuje H&M Conscious Collection.

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Revenge meme: Favorite relationships [1/5] » Daniel and Emily (season 1)

"I’d like to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you’ve made me."

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Grace is at the core of tragedy, for if there’s no height at which to drop, no pride taken in a life lived, you have nothing to lose. But once in the freefall of disgrace, the only way to change the momentum is to use it to your advantage.

- Emily

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emily vancamp - revenge episode 3x19
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Revenge 3x13 - “Hatred” icons 120x12

I know I wasn’t updating lately but I’m caught up with studies and work and everything else. But here You have few new 3x13 Revenge Icons :)
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Caps credit : grande_caps

emily thorne/amanda clarke 3x16

Emily Thorne, you are done here

emily vancamp → elle canada april 2014

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